Dale Blackwood

Games and Music

And other things, probably.

Foxtrot Roll

It's marbles in dungeons, it's adventurous puzzles, it's racing and speedrunss, - it's Foxtroll Roll!

You're a fox on a ball - roll through infinite adventurous stages, get the best time and score, compete on leaderboards and race against each other - this action game is tough, fast and tricky. For fans of Dungeon Crawlers, pinball and platforming and adventure - and there's new levels every single day!

Dale on Youtube

A Youtube Channel on making music.

Featuring series' like Like It Yousta, it's a channel that explores what it is to make music with a comedic bent.

The Game Design Hacks

A light-hearted podcast on game design.

Two developers discuss, diagnose and design video and table-top games. Tune in as Dale and Tom breakdown design decisions on all kinds of games, prototype designs live, and discuss game development.

Dale on Soundcloud

Music for games, rock and other oddities.


A high-concept Black Metal band.

Vyrion, a four-piece Black Metal unit from Brisbane Australia, formed in 2007 with the vision to create distinctive, aggressive, progressive extreme metal - as furious as it is nuanced.

Tower of Fire

A low-concept Power Metal band.

In a hail of burning fire, Tower of Fire unleashes towering torrents of molten metal directly into the listener's eartubes. There is nothing like what it has become, and nothing like what the listener will be after the listening has become a thing which has happened already.

Super Drop Land

By Lamington Games with music by Dale Blackwood.

Super Drop Land is a platformer that drops you into an unforgettable vertical adventure! Collect, chase and flip your way down through each land, but stay clear of the ghosts!